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Water Kefir

Water Kefir

A Live Prebiotic & Probiotic
- Single Batch Kefir


Water Kefir is very simply, fermented water! 

Think of an old fashion soda (minus any added sugar except a small amount for fermentation purposes), a fermented water-based drink that is naturally carbonated - and it's DRY.   

Water kefir has similar probiotic attributes to milk kefir and its Vegan friendly.

Here is some useful info from Suzanne at Single Batch:


I use a small amount of organic sugar (about a tablespoon per litre), which is required for fermentation purposes. During fermentation the grains consume the sugar (think of a white wine which ferments dry), leaving behind a bone dry, slightly fizzy drink that is 99% sugar free.

**NO Sugar is added Post Fermentation**

 Is it artificially carbonated?  NO!

There is nothing artificial in any of my kefirs.  The carbonation is a by-product of the fermentation process.  One of the key reasons at the moment for the plastic bottles is so you can better gauge how carbonated each bottle is based on the firmness of the bottles.  A very hard bottle means open slowly and gently. If you want your kefir to fizz up - simply leave it on the countertop overnight and by morning - the bottle should have firmed up.  But please remember... it’s a natural product that I don’t manipulate in any way - each bottle truly comes from a "Single Batch".