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The Mixed Bag

The Mixed Bag

- Think Organic

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Due to availability from our farms the contents of this Mixed Bag change weekly. When ordering this bag, you are more than welcome to add other products to it! Just click 'Add to Trolley' and continue browsing our site!

Contents for next week:

Guavas (+/- 300g)
Beetroot (bunch)
Oranges (+/- 700g)
Baby Marrows (+/- 300g)
Red Spring Onion (bunch)
Lettuce Mix (150g)
Cauliflower (+/- 300g)
Brinjal (+/- 200g)
Lemons (+/- 300g)
Peppadews (+/- 180g)

Please Note: Contents subject to change due to freshness and availability


A Reminder of Last Weeks Bag:

Broccoli (+/- 300g)
Apples (+/- 500g)
Sweet Potatoes, Purple (+/- 600g)
Green Pepper
Mangoes (+/- 550g)
Baby Onion Mix, Red and Brown (+/- 500g)
Flat Kale (bunch)
Green Beans (+/- 200g)
Butternut (+/- 1kg)