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Organic Veggies & Mixed Bag

Organic Veggies & Mixed Bag

Organic Farming can be tricky at times! We will do our utmost to fulfill your requests but we are dependent on our farmer's seasonal crops or any farming difficulties that they may come across. We will definitely let you know should something become unavailable!


Fresh Produce is very limited during Lockdown and may become unavailable

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Mixed Fruit & Veg Bag
R170.00 - 9 items
Baby Marrows (Zucchini)
Baby Marrows (Zucchini)Naturally Organic
R32.00 - 350g
Baby Marrows (Zucchini), Large
R49.00 - 500g
Beetroot, bulk
Beetroot, bulkNaturally Organic
R18.00 - 1kg
Beetroot, Red
Beetroot, RedNaturally Organic
R18.00 - bunch
Broad Beans
Broad BeansNaturally Organic
R30.00 - 400g
Broad Beans (Peeled)
Broad Beans (Peeled)Naturally Organic
R32.00 - 200g
Butternut Cubes, Frozen
R30.00 - 500g
Cabbage (Green)
Cabbage (Green)Naturally Organic
R27.00 - medium - large
Cabbage (Savoy)
Cabbage (Savoy)Naturally Organic
R19.00 - small
Carrot Bunch
Carrot BunchNaturally Organic
R19.00 - with tops
Carrots, Juicing (no tops)
R12.00 - 500g
Edible Flowers
Edible FlowersSpier Food Garden
R22.00 - punnet
FennelNaturally Organic
R17.00 - bulb (small)
R20.00 - 100g
Kale, Curly
Kale, CurlyNaturally Organic
R22.00 - bunch
LeeksNaturally Organic
R18.00 - bunch
Lettuce (Green Cos)
Lettuce (Green Cos)Naturally Organic
R17.50 - head
Lettuce (Red Cos)
Lettuce (Red Cos)Naturally Organic
R17.50 - per head
R20.00 - 200g
MintSpier Food Garden
R15.00 - 20g
Onions, Brown
Onions, BrownNaturally Organic
R19.00 - bunch
PotatoesNaturally Organic
R18.00 - 1kg
RadishNaturally Organic
R18.00 - bunch
RocketNaturally Organic
R15.00 - 60g
Spinach (Swiss Chard)
Spinach (Swiss Chard)Naturally Organic
R18.00 - bunch
Spinach, English
Spinach, EnglishNaturally Organic
R20.00 - 150g
Spring Onion, Red
Spring Onion, RedSpier Food Garden
R22.00 - 80g
Spring Onion, White
Spring Onion, WhiteSpier Food Garden
R22.00 - 80g
Squash, Soft Skin
Squash, Soft SkinNaturally Organic
R22.00 - 1kg
Stinging Nettle
Stinging NettleNaturally Organic
R12.50 - 60 grams
Zucchini Flowers - Limited to Weather.
R20.00 - +/- 10
CorianderNaturally Organic
R15.00 - 30g
Lemon Thyme
Lemon ThymeSpier Food Garden
R15.00 - 20g
ParsleyNaturally Organic
R15.00 - 30g
RosemarySpier Food Garden
R15.00 - 20g