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Organic Fruit

Organic Fruit

Organic Farming can be tricky at times! We will do our utmost to fulfill your requests but we are dependant on our farmer's seasonal crops or any farming difficulties that they may come across. We will definitely let you know should something become unavailable!


Fresh Produce is very limited during Lockdown and may become unavailable

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Mixed Fruit & Veg Bag
R170.00 - 8 items
Figs, Frozen
Figs, FrozenThink Organic
R32.00 - 300g
Baby Tomatoes
R25.00 - 250g
Bananas Naturally Organic
R35.00 - 1kg
BananasNaturally Organic
R17.50 - 500g
Blueberries, Bulk - Frozen
R115.00 - 1kg
Blueberries, Fresh
Blueberries, FreshThink Organic
R37.00 - 200g
Blueberries, Frozen
Blueberries, FrozenThink Organic
R29.00 - 200g
Chillies (Red or Green)
Chillies (Red or Green)Naturally Organic
R15.00 - 100g
CucumberNaturally Organic
R18.00 - each
Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit JuiceSoga Organic
R18.00 - 250ml - frozen
Grapefruit Juice, Bulk
R210.00 - 12 x 250ml
Grapes (Red or Green)
Grapes (Red or Green)Naturally Organic
R36.00 - 600g
Orange Juice
Orange JuiceSoga Organic
R18.00 - 250ml Frozen
Orange Juice, Bulk
Orange Juice, BulkSoga Organic
R210.00 - 12 x 250ml
Pepper, Green
Pepper, GreenNaturally Organic
R14.00 - each (small)
Peppers, Sweet (small mixed)
R20.00 - 200g
Pineapple, small - med
Pineapple, small - medNaturally Organic
R27.00 - each
TomatoesNaturally Organic
R35.00 - 500g