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Single Batch Kefir

Get your Milk and Water Kefir in Cape Town! Authentic kefir is made with 100% kefir grains, naturally fermented and ripened for the best health benefits. Kefir is classfied both as Functional Food and a Super Food - kefir is a LIVE probiotic and is being used to combat a variety of diseases.

Milk Kefir Cape Town, the king of live probiotics with 5 billion live benefical bacteria per tablespoon! Tastes a bit like natural yoghurt but these bacteria colonise in your digestive system vs the transistory bacteria in most other probiotics.

Water Kefir Cape Town, a fresh alternative beverage to plain water and fruit juices. The fermentation process creates the bubbles (so don't shake!), making it a festive drink for everyday that is incredibly good for you!

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Kefir, Water
Water Kefir is very simply, fermented water!  Think of an old fashion soda (minus any added ..
R25.00 - 500ml