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Ryan Boon sources his Beef from Greenfields Farm, located just outside the town of Mooi River in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The 1400 hectare farm allows the cattle to roam freely and graze on the veld, rye grass and kikuyu pastures. This results in a flavoursome grass-fed meat product.

The cattle are not fed any antibiotics or growth hormones – Greenfields only farm what the land can sustain. The Beef has full traceability.

Ryan and his team are very particular about sourcing the most ethically farmed, natural product they can.

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Beef, Bones - Meaty
R35.00 - 1kg
Beef, Marrow Bones
R59.00 - 1kg
Beef, Biltong
Beef, BiltongRyan Boon
R70.00 - 200g Sliced
Beef, Biltong
Beef, BiltongFarmer Angus
R55.00 - 150g, sliced
Beef, Boerewors
Beef, BoereworsFarmer Angus
R60.00 - 500g
Beef, Burger Patties
R95.00 - 4 x 200g
Beef, Burger Patties
R52.00 - 4 x 100g
Beef, Burger Patty Pack
R49.00 - 4 x 100g
Beef, Chipolatas
Beef, ChipolatasFarmer Angus
R70.00 - 500g
Beef, Collagen (Vanilla Flavour)
R245.00 - 400g
Beef, Flat Rib (whole)
R139.00 - 1kg
Beef, Goulash
Beef, GoulashRyan Boon
R79.00 - 500g
Beef, Mince
Beef, MinceFarmer Angus
R62.00 - 500g
Beef, Mince - Lean
R62.00 - 500g
Beef, Rump Steak
Beef, Rump SteakFarmer Angus
R105.00 - 500g
Beef, Sirloin Steak
R115.00 - 500g
Beef, Snapstix
Beef, SnapstixFarmer Angus
R45.00 - pack
Beef, Stroganoff
R79.00 - 500g
Beef, Umami Boerewors
R72.00 - 500g
Bone Broth, Beef
Bone Broth, BeefFarmer Angus
R94.00 - 1L
Beef, Brisket, De-boned
R159.00 - +/- 1kg
Beef, Chuck Eye Steak
R75.00 - 400g
Beef, Denver Steak
R75.00 - 400g
Beef, Fillet
Beef, FilletRyan Boon
R85.00 - 200g
Beef, Flat Iron Steak
R62.00 - 400g
Beef, Rump Steak
R72.00 - 300g
Beef, Shin, Bone in
R99.00 - +/- 800g
Beef, Silverside Roast
R129.00 - +/- 1kg (whole)
Beef, Sirloin Roast, Bone-in
R210.00 - +/- 1kg (whole)
Beef, T-Bone Steak
R129.00 - 500g - 700g
Beef, Topside Roast
R129.00 - +/- 1kg (whole)
Beef, Trimmings
R55.00 - 500g