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Free Range Pork

Free Range Pork


It has been "Happy Hogs" mission from day one to enhance their own lifestyle by farming as environmentally friendly and chemically free as is possible. So it was therefore a natural process to share this method with the public when they began the free range, naturally fed, antibiotic and stimulant (hormone) free pork products

Their sows continuously range freely and are only housed when ready to give birth to a litter. Piglets are weaned around 61 days and are then confined to a weaner pen until they are then relocated to various camps where they are given access to grazing lands supplemented with a natural high protein ration, whey and fruit. They do not castrate, de-tail or de-teeth any of the piglets and only receive medications if necessary.

"Happy Hog" is also officially Trademarked by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries as the first genuine Free Range Pork Farmer in the whole of South Africa.

‚ÄčAll meat comes frozen and we keep it that way.


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Pork, Loin Chops
Pork, Loin ChopsHappy Hog Pork
R122.40 - 5 per pack
Back Bacon
Back BaconFarmer Angus
R59.00 - 250g
Pork Bangers
Pork BangersFarmer Angus
R78.00 - 600g (6 - 7 per pack)
Pork Frankfurters
Pork FrankfurtersFarmer Angus
R80.00 - 600g (6 - 7 per pack)
Pork, Goulash
Pork, GoulashHappy Hog Pork
R59.40 - +/- 400g
Pork, Lard
Pork, LardFarmer Angus
R32.00 - 1L Tub
Salami Spread
Salami SpreadFarmer Angus
R64.00 - 195g
Streaky Bacon
Streaky BaconFarmer Angus
R54.00 - 250g