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Free Range Pork

Free Range Pork

Ryan sources his Pork from Oak Valley Farm. The pigs roam freely in large open paddocks. In summer the farm harvests several tonnes of acorns from the 4000 oak trees on the property to feed their pigs sustainably. Their acorn diet and foraging regime is key to both the texture and the rich flavours of their pork.

Oak Valley pork is certified free range, hormone and antibiotic free.

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Pork Sausage, Salt & Pepper
R75.00 - 500g
Pork, Fillet
Pork, FilletRyan Boon
R85.00 - 500g
Pork, Mince
Pork, MinceRyan Boon
R65.00 - 500g
Pork, Rashers
Pork, RashersRyan Boon
R79.00 - 400g
Sausage, Serbian Spicy Pork
R79.00 - 500g