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Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken
Ryan sources his chicken from Hillside Farm in Laingsburg farmed by Peter Lottering. He is very passionate about his birds and they share his commitment to working hard at improving the level of quality in the poultry industry.
Red Barn Free Range Chicken products are locally produced. They do not use antibiotics or inject brine into the chickens. Their goal is ethical, humane, sustainable farming.


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Chicken Breast Fillets
R72.00 - 500g, de-boned
Chicken Breast Fillets
R82.00 - 500g, de-boned
Chicken Breast Fillets
R139.00 - 1kg, de-boned
Chicken Butter, Schmaltz
R45.00 - 500g
Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken DrumsticksRed Barn Farm
R95.00 - 800g
Chicken Fat & Skin
Chicken Fat & SkinRed Barn Farm
R29.00 - 1kg
Chicken Feet
Chicken FeetRed Barn Farm
R29.00 - 500g
Chicken Heads
Chicken HeadsRed Barn Farm
R24.00 - 1kg
Chicken Livers
Chicken LiversRed Barn Farm
R49.00 - 500g
Chicken Mince
Chicken MinceRyan Boon
R62.00 - 500g
Chicken Necks
Chicken NecksRyan Boon
R35.00 - 500g
Chicken Thighs
Chicken ThighsRed Barn Farm
R89.00 - 800g
Chicken Wings
Chicken WingsRed Barn Farm
R85.00 - 800g (8-10 per pack)
Chicken, Bones (Meaty)
R45.00 - 1kg
Chicken, Spatchcock (Lemon & Herb)
R139.00 - 1.3kg
Chicken, Whole
Chicken, WholeRed Barn Farm
R135.00 - +/- 1.5kg
Sausage, Chicken & Bacon
R79.00 - 500g
Sausage, Chicken Feta & Sage
R79.00 - 500g
Sausage, Serbian Spicy Chicken
R79.00 - 500g