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Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken


The Chicken comes from the Red Barn Farm, just outside George. The happy chickens live freely and naturally, no artificial growth stimulants or antibiotics are used, and they are not fed meat or bone meal. They are raised outside on pasture, where they can scratch in the soil and munch on bugs. Because they mature at their natural pace, raising chickens like this takes a little longer - the result is good meat that tastes like real chicken.
‚ÄčAll meat comes frozen and we keep it that way.


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Chicken Breast Fillets, de-boned
R73.00 - 500g
Chicken Burgers
Chicken BurgersRed Barn Farm
R62.00 - 4 Pack
Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken DrumsticksRed Barn Farm
R82.00 - 800g (6-8 per pack)
Chicken Feet
Chicken FeetRed Barn Farm
R19.00 - 500g
Chicken Heads
Chicken HeadsRed Barn Farm
R15.00 - 1kg
Chicken Hearts
Chicken HeartsRed Barn Farm
R29.00 - 500g
Chicken Livers
Chicken LiversRed Barn Farm
R38.00 - 500g
Chicken Necks
Chicken NecksRed Barn Farm
R29.00 - 500g
Chicken Thighs
Chicken ThighsRed Barn Farm
R82.00 - 800g
Chicken, Braai Pack
R80.00 - 2 Drums, 2 Thighs, 2 Wings
Chicken, Pet Mince
Chicken, Pet MinceRed Barn Farm
R32.00 - 500g
Chicken, Whole
Chicken, WholeRed Barn Farm
R130.00 - +/- 1.5kg (larger size)