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Ethically Sourced and Produced Meat

Ethically Sourced and Produced Meat

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Felino Salami
Felino SalamiFarmer Angus
R335.00 - +/- 580g
Salami Sticks
Salami SticksFarmer Angus
R90.00 - 150g
Beef, Bones - Meaty
R35.00 - 1kg
Beef, Marrow Bones
R59.00 - 1kg
Ostrich Burgers
R55.00 - 4 x 100g
Ostrich Fillet
R75.00 - 300g
Ostrich Goulash (Cubes)
R65.00 - 500g
Ostrich Mince - Lean
R55.00 - 500g
Venison, Mince
R55.00 - 500g
Pork, Loin Chops
R144.00 - 1kg
Pork, Neck Steak
R62.00 - 300g
Pork, Rib Chops
R102.00 - 700g
Pork, Rump Steak
R85.00 - 400g
Back Bacon
Back BaconFarmer Angus
R59.00 - 250g
Beef, Biltong
Beef, BiltongFarmer Angus
R65.00 - 150g, sliced
Beef, Biltong
Beef, BiltongRyan Boon
R79.00 - 200g Sliced
Beef, Burger Patties
R52.00 - 4 x 100g
Beef, Collagen (Vanilla Flavour)
R199.00 - 300g Tub
Beef, Fillet Steak
Beef, Fillet SteakFarmer Angus
R115.00 - 300g
Beef, Flat Rib (whole)
R139.00 - 1kg
Beef, Goulash
Beef, GoulashRyan Boon
R79.00 - 500g
Beef, Mince
Beef, MinceFarmer Angus
R72.00 - 500g
Beef, Mince - Lean
R62.00 - 500g
Beef, Ribeye Steak
Beef, Ribeye SteakFarmer Angus
R129.00 - 300g
Beef, Rump Steak
Beef, Rump SteakFarmer Angus
R69.00 - 300g
Beef, Sirloin Steak
R75.00 - 300g
Beef, Stroganoff
R79.00 - 500g
Beef, Umami Boerewors
R72.00 - 500g
Black Forest Ham
Black Forest HamFarmer Angus
R49.00 - 100g
Bone Broth, Beef
Bone Broth, BeefFarmer Angus
R55.00 - 475ml
Charcuterie Selection
R59.00 - 100g
Chicken Breast Fillets
R72.00 - 500g, de-boned
Chicken Breast Fillets
R139.00 - 1kg, de-boned
Chicken Breast Fillets
R82.00 - 500g, de-boned
Chicken Butter, Schmaltz
R45.00 - 500g
Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken DrumsticksRed Barn Farm
R95.00 - 800g
Chicken Fat & Skin
Chicken Fat & SkinRed Barn Farm
R29.00 - 1kg
Chicken Feet
Chicken FeetRed Barn Farm
R29.00 - 500g
Chicken Heads
Chicken HeadsRed Barn Farm
R24.00 - 1kg
Chicken Livers
Chicken LiversRed Barn Farm
R49.00 - 500g
Chicken Mince
Chicken MinceRyan Boon
R62.00 - 500g
Chicken Necks
Chicken NecksRyan Boon
R35.00 - 500g
Chicken Thighs
Chicken ThighsRed Barn Farm
R89.00 - 800g
Chicken Wings
Chicken WingsRed Barn Farm
R85.00 - 800g (8-10 per pack)
Chicken, Bones (Meaty)
R45.00 - 1kg
Chicken, Spatchcock (Lemon & Herb)
R139.00 - 1.3kg
Chicken, Whole
Chicken, WholeRed Barn Farm
R135.00 - +/- 1.5kg
CoppaFarmer Angus
R49.00 - 100g
Lamb, Burger Patties
R65.00 - 4 x 100g
Lamb, Original Boerewors
R89.00 - 500g
Lamb, Trimmings
R79.00 - 500g
Pork Sausage, Bacon & Cheese
R79.00 - 500g (5 pack)
Pork Sausage, Herby
R79.00 - 500g
Pork Sausage, Salt & Pepper
R72.00 - 500g
Pork Sausage, White Cheddar & Jalapeno
R79.00 - 500g (5 pack)
Pork, Burger Patties
R55.00 - 4 x 100g
Pork, Fillet
Pork, FilletRyan Boon
R69.00 - 400g
Pork, Goulash
Pork, GoulashRyan Boon
R85.00 - 500g
Pork, Mince
Pork, MinceRyan Boon
R59.00 - 500g
Pork, Rashers
Pork, RashersRyan Boon
R79.00 - 400g
Pork, Schnitzel
R72.00 - 400g
Pork, Stir-Fry
R85.00 - 500g
Pork, Trimmings
R52.00 - 500g
ProsciuttoFarmer Angus
R59.00 - 100g
Sausage, Chicken & Bacon
R79.00 - 500g
Sausage, Chicken Feta & Sage
R79.00 - 500g
Sausage, Serbian Spicy Chicken
R79.00 - 500g
Streaky Bacon
Streaky BaconFarmer Angus
R58.00 - 250g
Venison, Biltong
R79.00 - 200g Sliced
Venison, Boerewors
R75.00 - 500g
Venison, Burger Patties
R52.00 - 4 x 100g
Lamb, Bones
Lamb, BonesRyan Boon
R35.00 - 1kg
Lamb, Half Box
R1,450.00 - +/- 9kg
Lamb, Kidney
Lamb, KidneyRyan Boon
R49.00 - +/- 500g
Lamb, Knuckle
Lamb, KnuckleRyan Boon
R145.00 - +/- 700g
Lamb, Leg Chops
R115.00 - 600g
Lamb, Mince
Lamb, MinceRyan Boon
R79.00 - 500g
Venison, Goulash
R69.00 - 500g
Venison, Trimmings
R52.00 - 500g
Beef, Brisket, De-boned
R159.00 - +/- 1kg
Beef, Chuck Eye Steak
R75.00 - 400g
Beef, Denver Steak
R75.00 - 400g
Beef, Fillet
Beef, FilletRyan Boon
R85.00 - 200g
Beef, Flat Iron Steak
R62.00 - 400g
Beef, Rump Steak
R72.00 - 300g
Beef, Shin, Bone in
R99.00 - +/- 800g
Beef, Silverside Roast
R129.00 - +/- 1kg (whole)
Beef, Sirloin Roast, Bone-in
R210.00 - +/- 1kg (whole)
Beef, T-Bone Steak
R129.00 - 500g - 700g
Beef, Topside Roast
R129.00 - +/- 1kg (whole)
Beef, Trimmings
R55.00 - 500g