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Black Bean Tempeh

Black Bean Tempeh
Black Bean Tempeh

- Boemboe Foods


Black Bean Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian fermented soybean product.

It's naturally gluten free and vegan.

With zero cholesterol, it boasts the same quantity and quality of protein as chicken.

It has a nutty flavour and it is one of the best vegetarian B12 sources.

The fermentation allows for easier digestion and it's also high in calcium, essential fatty acids and fibre.

It's handmade in Hermanus, Western Cape.


You can use tempeh many different ways:

As a meat replacement in any dish
Add it to a stir-fry
DIY Burger Patties (just cut it - and fry)
Crumble over a salad
Simply eat it as a snack

Boemboe recommends to FRY tempeh before you add it to a dish to get the best texture and a nice nutty flavour... golden brown and crunchy all over (big or small pieces), drain on kitchen towel and lightly salt.

Traditionally, sunflower oil is used, but olive oil gives it a nice taste for Western dishes.. while coconut oil has more of a neutral taste.