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Full Cream, Pasteurised

Full Cream, Pasteurised

Preservative Free | Hormone & Antibiotic Free Cows - not certified organic
- The Daily Dairy


Dairy from pasture fed cows.. NO GMO maize or soy in their diet - with pastures (no artificial fertilizer) irrigated from a beautiful mountain stream and drinking water from a fountain in the mountains.

Pasture feeding is important because not only does this mean that the milk is much higher in nutrients, but the cows are also kept in good conditions and are allowed to roam the pastures (get exercise) and choose what they eat and have their pick of the lush year round green pasture.

Not only is this dairy all natural, but the milk from these amazing Fleckvieh cows are a true super food.

The milk has amazing properties. The herd has been genetically tested and all cows produce milk with A2 – beta-casein. This is very important as A1 – beta-casein, as found in most commercial breeds, have been linked with numerous modern diseases such as diabetes, auto-immune diseases, and other neurological disorders (Google “The Devil in the milk”)

100% A2 – Beta-casein

The cause for concern with milk containing A1 beta-casein, as produced by most commercial dairy cows, is the amino acid switch from proline to histidine that readily allows a digestive enzyme to cut an amino acid segment that is separated from A1 beta casein, known as beta-casomorphin-7 or BCM-7 for short.

BCM-7 is the real “devil” in A1 milk for a number of reasons. It is an exogenous (doesn’t naturally occur within the human body) opioid that interacts with the human digestive system, internal organs, and brainstem. While no direct causal relationships have been demonstrated between BCM-7 and these diseases due to a wide range of contributing factors for each illness, BCM-7 has been linked to type 1 diabetes, heart disease, autism, and other serious non-communicable diseases as well.

The milk  has the highest levels of CLA and Omega 3 compared to other dairy, and more importantly, a balanced almost 1:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, compared to around 1:9 for conventional dairy. The milk is further also rich in melatonin. (Please see the link for more information on these essential fatty acids:

Their hand crafted dairy products have no artificial additives, flavours, preservatives or starches added.