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Khoisan Tea - Green Rooibos

Khoisan Tea - Green Rooibos

Certified Organic
- Neo

20 bags

Draw inspiration from Khoisan Tea's Organic Rooibos range and enjoy one of South Africa's most popular herbal infusions.

Khoisan have been growing organic Rooibos Tea in the beautiful, rugged Cederberg mountain range since 1997and have mastered the art of creating tasty Rooibos tea.

Because they use 100% organic Rooibos at all times in this range, they maximise its unique taste, as nature intended, ensuring a consistently strong and delicious cup of tea every time.

Rooibos tea naturally contains no preservatives, no additives and no colourants.

Babies from 6 months, children, adults and the elderly can enjoy Rooibos Tea day or night. This herbal tea may also be used in many recipes (soups, sauces, marinades, baking).

Green Rooibos Tea is an unfermented Rooibos Tea. It has a naturally sweet, slightly grassy taste, with a most refreshing note. Like 'red' Rooibos Tea, Green Rooibos Tea naturally contains antioxidants and is naturally free from kilojoules.


Hot: Boil freshly-drawn cold water. Place the teabag in your cup. Steep for 3 - 5 minutes (or even longer). Because it is naturally low in tannins, Rooibos Tea cannot taste bitter, no matter how long you steep your tea. Remove the teabag and enjoy. Add lemon, honey, juice or milk, if desired.

Cold: Also makes a wonderful ice tea. Just follow the instructions above and allow tea to cool. Serve with ice cubes or crushed ice.

Product of South Africa