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Bean (Broad, Aqua Dulce) Seeds

Bean (Broad, Aqua Dulce) Seeds

Certified Organic. GMO Free
- Sandveld Organics

12 Seeds

Lima beans are fast growing bushy legumes with white flowers. Their large bean pods are flat, the pods and/or beans are good, high protein food.
Origin – International Heirloom, Swiss Bio Selection, Traditional South African
Plant group – Beans, Peas
Seasonal – February, March, April, May, June
Type – Fafa, Lima, Broad
Uses – Salad, Soil conditioning, Vegetable
Variety – Aque Dulce
Planting Instruction:
Direct plant 3cm deep, in-row spacing 3cm, between rows 60cm in full sun.
Germination: 7 – 20 days at 10°-20° C.
Care: Water medium & Fertilization low.
Good Companions: Most Vegetables, Herbs & Salads.
Bad Companions: Peas, Onions, Garlic & Leek